Best Bentwood Rocking Chair Review

Bentwood rocking chairs are fascinating to say the least. They disappeared for decades, becoming a thing of the past and then all of a sudden appeared again.

Featuring rounded arms with wooden, often intricate, designs swirling inside of them they are eye catching. So it is easy to understand why they have made the reappearance that they have made so easily.

You can often find vintage bentwood rocking chairs around the internet, but now a lot of companies are making new designs.

They are blending the old and the new to create beautiful chairs that fit perfectly inside family homes. Although they are more commonly seen on porches, where people can sit and watch the world as it goes by out of their window.

Why a Bentwood Rocking Chair could be for you

Bentwood rocking chairs are perfect for anyone who wants to add a vintage feel to their home. If you have ever watched a movie set pre-1960s then chances are you will have seen a bentwood rocking chair, and maybe you won’t even have realized.

A lot of people would consider them to be the holy grail of all-American rocking chairs, as they have stood the test of time.

Known for their gentle, but long rocking motion, the bentwood rocking chair is perfect for relaxing in. Although it isn’t too great for families with young children, as it can rock quite far due to the rounded shape of the arms.

The last thing you want is a small child falling off of your rocking chair, for small children the more traditional rocking chair shape should be taken into consideration.

But, where do you start when it comes to choosing a chair that is based on vintage designs? It can be quite difficult, as there are a lot of factors that you have to take into consideration, such as how durable the chair is.

If you’re planning to keep the chair on a porch then the higher the durability levels, the better. With a chair like this, you have to make sure that it is made of solid wood, and ideally you want one that won’t rock too far due to the shape.

Some have a small stopper built into them. But you don’t have to worry about any of that, as we have found the perfect bentwood rocker for you.

best bentwood rocking chair

Relax Bentwood Birch Easy Chair



  • This bentwood rocking chair features a very traditional Victorian design, so if you are looking to add a flair of vintage to your home then this could be the chair for you.
  • It is completely made of solid wood and genuine cane, making it a sturdy and durable option.
  • It features a stopper, meaning that you won’t rock too far. This chair is famous for having a soothing ‘rolling’ motion, opposed to the classic rocking motion.
  • This chair would be the perfect addition to a home that wanted to blend the old world with the new, as it would make a nice addition to a dining room – whether you use it for practicality, or as more of an ornament, is up to you.
  • A lot of young mothers have said that they found it easier to use this product to feed their baby than a glider.


  • You will have to assemble this chair yourself, so if you aren’t too keen on doing that then it might be worth contacting someone that you know is quite handy with a toolkit.

Relax Bentwood Birch Easy Chair

Relax Bentwood Birch Easy Chair


  • Features a very traditional Victorian design


  • Assembly required

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