Best Contemporary Rocking Chair

Contemporary rocking chairs could be considered by a lot of people to be a thing of the future, as they really are just that, contemporary.

They are nothing like the traditional rocking chairs that you may be familiar with, and it is quite hard to even compare the two.

They are almost like opposite ends of the same playing field, with one being out of old stories and the other being something that is quickly becoming popular – especially with young adults.

The great thing about contemporary rocking chairs is that the vast majority of them are quite small – they can literally be used for anything that you would typically use a standard rocking chair for.

You could use them in front of a make-up counter, around a kitchen table, or as a child’s seat in their bedroom. They come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes, and we want to help you choose one that is right for you.

Why a Contemporary Rocking Chair could be for you

A contemporary rocking chair is a good idea for anyone who wants to blend the old with the new inside of their home.

Or for anyone who wants to add a little bit of fun to regular day to day activities. Do you want to swing back and forth while eating breakfast at the table? Well, now you can. Do you want to let your child have a chair that rocks in their bedroom that is both light and durable? As well as unlikely to trap any little feet under giant wooden blocks?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, or agreed with any of those ideas then it is safe to say that a contemporary rocking chair could be a welcome feature to your home.

As well as a feature that the whole family could enjoy. While we have tried to find the perfect contemporary rocking chair that you deserve, we have tried to keep that in mind – fun.

We want to focus on families with this particular chair, as it could brighten up literally any family home.

best modern rocking chair

Eames Chair Orange Molded Modern Plastic Rocking Chair



  • As you can see from this chair, it almost has a classic look of its own. It would fit well at a dinner table, or a computer table, or literally just about anywhere where you might need a seat.
  • This chair comes in a set of two, and while they are made out of plastic; they are completely smooth and comfortable. They don’t have any indentations, and if you would like to add a little cushion to your chair there is enough room it.
  • The legs of this chair are made out of both chromed steel and ash wood, making the chair incredibly durable. It isn’t likely to break easily.
  • This chair comes in a grand total of 12 different colors, including blue, yellow, white, pink, red and green. Meaning that you are bound to find one of these chairs that could suit the color scheme that you imagine wanting to have.
  • The brightness of some of the color schemes for these chairs is classic, and looks lovely, adding a retro pop of color to any room.


  • If you place this chair on a rugged carpet, you may find that it is hard to rock. It’s better on smooth surfaces, such as kitchen tiles.




  • Great design


  • Only rocks well on smooth surfaces

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