Best Double Rocking Chairs Review

Rocking chairs really are something of an American pastime, and even today they are a feature that is commonly seen in many American households.

They offer a natural source of comfort and relaxation, and it’s commonly known that rocking chairs have been found dating from 18th century America.

If you’re looking at this article then we want to help you find the perfect rocking chair for your home, or more specifically, the perfect double rocking chair.

Why purchase a double rocking chair?

There are plenty of reasons why a double rocking chair could be the one for you, but first are foremost, if you’re looking for a rocking chair then what you are really looking for is comfort.

What is more comforting than gently rocking back and forth while reading a book, or watching the world go by? Rocking chairs create a family-like atmosphere, and the double rocking chair can seat two, so that definitely adds to that atmosphere.

Double rocking chairs have been changed, and redesigned throughout the last few decades. We have had everything from the traditional bench like double rocking chair, to one that was designed to seat two people facing each other – although these are rare now.

With rocking chairs being such a great American pastime you can see the lines crossing between traditional and modern.

But, we understand that sometimes picking the right double rocking chair can be quite the challenge, so we have found two of our absolute favorites – and you can read about them below.

indoors double rocking chair

Baby Relax Lainey Wingback, Super-Wide Nursery Rocker



  • When it comes to keeping a rocking chair indoors, there is one main benefit that we simply have to talk about. Weather wearing: unfortunately any rocking chair that is kept outside is vulnerable to the elements, so by keeping your rocking chair indoors, you get rid of that risk.
  • Our favorite thing about this rocking chair is the style of it. It has been made to look like a small sofa, this means that you could place it in any room, and it would more than likely fit in perfectly. With the grey color and white trimmings that this piece features, it would be hard to find colors that it clashes with.
  • This double rocking chair has a classic wingback design, but it is completely padded. So if a child falls against it in a nursery there won’t be any issues, or any hospital trips.


  • The only issue we could find with this chair is that a little assembly is required, so if you aren’t the handiest of people this might be a problem. We would suggest getting someone else to put it up for you if that is the case.

outdoors double rocking chair

Outdoor Seats 2 Porch Double Rocker Rocking Chair



  • This rocking chair is beautiful, to say the least. It blends traditional with modern in a way that simply works. It has kept the bench like style, but it has been painted white – to fit in with modern monochrome ideals.
  • This double rocking chair isn’t too heavy, so if it does start to rain or snow, you can bring it inside quite easily. This means that it won’t be too at risk of weather damage.


  • The only downfall of this item is that if it is left outside for prolonged periods of time during bad weather, it will start to rot away and succumb to weather damage.

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