Best Oversized Rocking Chair Review

We all know what rocking chairs are, they are almost an American pastime. No matter what street you’re walking down, or where you are, you can pretty much guarantee that a handful of the houses on it will contain a rocking chair of sorts – usually the traditional rocking chair. The traditional rocking chair has such a timeless shape to it that almost everyone would recognize it.

But, in recent years ‘oversizing’ things has become popular. Oversized jumpers, that leave you feeling as though you are walking around in a duvet – oversized beds, big enough for seven people.

Rocking chairs are no exception, and now more than ever oversized rocking chairs are popping up all over the place. Is there anything that they can’t oversize?

Why should you purchase an oversized rocking chair?

What you have to remember, is that oversized items are generally made for comfort. While rocking chairs are made for the comfort of gently rolling back and forth – so what could sound like a terrible idea, is actually a fantastic one.

Imagine a sofa, that rocks. I’m sure that you can’t imagine anything bad when you think of that, unless you’re a fan of scary movies that will jump backwards a little bit too far when something scares you that is.

Oversized rocking chairs are known for being exceptionally padded, and comfortable. They are most commonly found in both bedrooms and nurseries, where people may once have had just a simple sofa.

Made to fit two people, but sometimes stretching out all by yourself can be much more comfortable. That’s just it, the key is comfort.

What could be wrong with being as comfortable as possible? Absolutely nothing – nothing is wrong with being as comfortable as possible. It’s beneficial, not a bad thing.

But, with the influx of oversized rocking chairs out there, how will you even know which is worth your time? It’s hard to tell.

But, luckily we have developed an equation involving size, padding and rocking motion that has led us to what we believe to be the best oversized rocking chair currently available on the market. It’s on Amazon.

oversized rocking chair

Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker, Beige



  • One of the great benefits of this oversized rocking chair is its color. We understand that sometimes you simply can’t fit a color into your color scheme. But this one comes in two incredibly neutral colors – beige and taupe (essentially two different shades of beige).
  • While the cushions of this oversized rocking chair are so light, the two wooden rockers underneath are nice and dark. Offering a nice contrast to an otherwise solid piece.
  • The cushions are very well padded, both on the seat and the back. This means that you will be extra comfortable, to the point where a lot of mothers use them for feeding new born babies.
  • The rocking motion of this chair is known for being relaxing, gentle and smooth. Rather than a jagged back and forth motion that some rocking chairs present.


  • A small amount of assembly is required with this rocking chair, although luckily there isn’t too much, and the instructions are very simple.
  • Be aware that if this item is placed on a rough carpet, you won’t be able to make it rock without a little bit of difficulty. It is best on flat surfaces.

Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker, Beige

Baby Relax Hadley Double Rocker, Beige


  • Looks beautiful


  • Assembly Required

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