Best Pink Rocking Chairs Review

Rocking chairs are a staple of the American pastime, and they are slowly but surely being brought back into the present. Homeware companies, magazines and television shows are all promoting the product that once appeared to be lost in time – like so many other products that we don’t use anymore.

Such as VHS tapes, the last place that created them has now shut down – so they are officially lost in time the way rocking chairs were thought to have been for several decades.

Now you can find rocking chairs of every shape, size and description. Chances are, if you want something that you can imagine, you will be able to find it just by putting in a little bit of hard work.

Although that does also depend on where you look, in the modern day the internet is by far the easiest of places to start, and we would highly recommend it.

But this article is about finding that perfect pink rocking chair, so for whatever reason you might be looking for one, let’s get to it.

Why a Pink Rocking Chair could be perfect for you

There could be any number of reasons why you are looking for a pink rocking chair, and we probably wouldn’t even be able to list half of them without the day disappearing off somewhere.

Or maybe we could, but maybe it’s not worth that risk. A pink rocking chair is something very particular.

Maybe you just happen to like the colour pink, or maybe you have a young daughter with a pink bedroom to which a pink rocking chair would make the perfect addition.

Maybe you have a theme of pastel colours throughout your house, or maybe you like that shade of pink that stands out.

But with rocking chairs being used for comfort and relaxation, we were immediately drawn into the idea of a pastel pink rocking chair.

Be it for a nursery, child’s bedroom, or even for your own living space – we think we have found one that you will all love and enjoy.

best pink rocking chair

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman, White/Pink



  • This chair isn’t a traditional rocking chair, instead it is a pink rocking chair with an ottoman – in the style of a glider. Gliders are traditionally safer for children, pets and family areas than the traditional rocking chair – making a glider the ideal candidate.
  • This chair is a pastel pink color, with wooden fixtures that are almost white – the colours go well together, and make the piece look like it was well thought out.
  • Gliders are an exceptional choice for young mums, as they are perfect for breastfeeding new born babies.
  • All of the cushions on this pink rocking chair are spot cleanable, making cleaning the chair an easy task – gone are the woes of baby food.
  • This pink rocking chair is known for being incredibly easy to assemble, as are most Stork Craft products. Most of the people who have reviewed the product have said that they managed to assemble it in under half an hour.


  • The chair can become quite squeaky over time, due to continuous use. Luckily WD40 will fix that almost immediately.




  • Child-friendly


  • It can become squeaky over time

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