Best Rocking Chair For Baby Room

When it comes to a new nursery, what do you imagine? We imagine a room, with a cradle, a rocking horse, a window and a rocking chair, neatly nestled in the corner of your babies’ room.

A rocking chair has been the staple of a nursery for generations, for both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

The traditional look that comes with a rocking chair is perfect, but breastfeeding a new born baby is also made an easier task with the rocking motion of a rocking chair.

Opposed to rocking the baby with your arm, you can simply get the chair to rock while the baby feeds, or to lull the baby to sleep.

We believe that a nursery simply isn’t complete without a rocking chair, even if it is more of an ornament than a piece of furniture. It can be used practically, and it can look beautiful – like its right where it is supposed to be.

You have to take into consideration a number of things when choosing a rocking chair for a baby room, such as the color.

You don’t want anything too bright, or too bold, as bright colors can interrupt the sleeping patterns of babies.

You also have to take into consideration the quality of the chair, you don’t want a chair that is going to fall apart while you are rocking your baby to sleep.

That would result in a few sleepless nights and two cases of shock. What you want is a durable rocking chair that will do just that, rock.

You don’t need a rocking chair that is going to be impractical, or a rocking chair that is made for small children to sit on.

You also don’t want anything that is made out of fabric, as unfortunately baby food creates stains that are almost impossible to get out.

If you are looking for that traditional nursery look then we believe we have found the rocking chair that will suit you, an Ivy Terrace Classic White Rocker – something that would be a welcome addition to almost every nursery.

white rocking chair for baby room

Ivy Terrace IVR100WH Classics Rocker Chair



  • This chair comes with a classic white finish, meaning that you don’t have to worry about matching it into a color scheme. Most baby rooms are either neutral or pastel, and the color white would fit in with either. It’s also easy to notice marks on white furniture, so that they can be wiped off immediately.
  • The one we have found features a contoured seat, meaning that both you and your baby would be comfortable. There is also enough room for a cushion if one is needed, or even a blanket.
  • The large wooden arms on this chair are perfect for mothers to relax with when feeding their baby, small arms can dig in and start to feel uncomfortable.
  • This product is guaranteed not to splinter, crack, chip, peel or even rot away – making it incredibly durable. It currently has a 5* rating on Amazon, with a lot of people who agree with that policy.


  • Unfortunately some assembly is required, so if you feel like you might not be able to assemble the piece yourself then make sure you get someone to lend you a hand.




  • Looks beautiful


  • Assembly Required

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