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Do you remember when your baby first arrived and you would spend endless hours in the nursery in the rocking chair with them? Whether you were feeding your little bundle of joy, coaxing them to sleep with the gentle rocking motion or reading them a bedtime story, time in the rocking chair was special.

For some moms the first few weeks and months were anything but pleasurable. As you struggle to try and adapt to the new routine, the lack of sleep, and getting to know this little person who needs you every minute of the day. And that’s when they’re ‘good’ babies.

My little boy battled with reflux and colic and nothing seemed to help ease his discomfort. Exhausted and out of options, I was desperate to find a solution so when a friend suggested I try a baby rocking chair there wasn’t any resistance from my side.

Not expecting much I put him in the chair, set it to the ‘rocking’ motion and within a few minutes he was asleep.

Guess what I bought the very next day? I also bought an adult size rocking chair, for the baby room, for those times I was feeding him or getting him to sleep.

And more often than not the rocking and the comfort of the chair would have us both drifting off to dreamland.

He eventually outgrew the new-born rocker and we passed it on but even now, at the age of four, my little guy grabs his blanky, positions himself in his own little rocker and has his afternoon nap.

My personal theory on why rocking chairs hold such charm for adults (and children) is because they remind of us a safe place, a mother’s love, a home.

Even if you didn’t have rocker as a baby, chances are you would have been rocked to sleep in someone’s arms, simulating the backwards and forwards motion. You might be surprised to read that rocking chairs also have health benefits, including:

  • Reduces blood pressure and slowing down breathing
  • Traditional rocking chairs develops work core muscles
  • Reduce pain and helps the body release endorphins

If you’re thinking about adding some furniture to your child’s room then I would suggest you have a look at the wide range of rocking chairs for children.

Both my kids have their own rocking chairs; Emma’s is a gorgeous pink and Ben loves his fire engine themed rocker but there are more traditional styles available in more neutral colors, if you prefer.

Regardless of your budget, your décor or needs there is a rocking chair for your child, you just need to know what you’re looking for.

Top Children’s Rocking Chair

childrens rocking chair

The Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Portable Rocker


It was difficult picking just one rocking chair for children and so I decided to review one that serves three different purposes.

The Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Portable Rocker starts off as a baby bouncer and you can convert it into a toddler’s rocking chair, with a weight capacity up to 40 lbs.

My first impression of the bouncer cum rocking chair didn’t have me too excited. It seemed boring but I’m not a baby, so what do I know? Our test baby loved it and he giggled and squealed with delight. He loved the hanging animals and was soon reaching out to grab them.

I love that it converts to a rocking chair for children. Bouncers are used for such a short time and it’s nice to get more use out of something for a longer time.

Personally I’m not crazy about the colors, but again I’m not the target audience and it’s been one of Amazon’s top sellers for a while.

Technically I’m not 100% sure if the Fisher-Price rocker falls into the ‘rocking chairs for children’ category, but the way I see it if it rocks and soothes then it’s a rocking chair.


  • Converts to a toddler rocker
  • Affordable
  • Two positions (recline and upright)


  • Not super plush
  • No music even though it’s a children’s rocker
  • Needs batteries

Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Portable Rocker

Fisher-Price Newborn-To-Toddler Portable Rocker


  • Affordable


  • Not super plush

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