Best Tufted Rocking Chair Review

Is there anything that could make the classic, wingback chair any better than it already is? Now there is, a number of designers have taken the beautifully, classic design and turned it into something even better.

Simply by adding a rocking feature. This product is now starting to be considered as a staple, especially within nurseries.

Why a Tufted Rocking Chair?

Do you enjoy classic, furniture, with a retro twist? Did you always want that old-time armchair, but decide that maybe it was a little bit too old time? If this is the case, then a tufted rocking chair is exactly what you need.

With padded cushions, and soft fabric, they offer the comfort of a rocking chair with the style of a chair pulled out of a 1950s homeware magazine.

One of the benefits of a tufted rocking chair is that they last better than a lot of rocking chairs do, as they are built to withstand time the way a normal chair would.

They have become a staple in nurseries because they are perfect for lulling babies, and possibly moms and dads into a deep sleep.

Sometimes getting a new born off to sleep can be a nightmare, but with some comfort and a gentle swaying motion, it is sure to have your baby off to sleep in minutes.

Knowing which to choose can be quite a drastic challenge, simply because there are now a lot out there on the market.

But, we believe that a tufted rocking chair should be classic and yet simple. You want it to look nice, but you also want to be able to move it out of the way in an emergency – so sometimes a lightweight option can be slightly better than a heavier option.

After focusing our attention to nurseries, and that manoeuvrability, we have found what we believe to be the perfect tufted rocking chair.

white tufted rocking chair

Barcelona-City Modern Design Rocking Lounge Chair



  • One of the initial pros of this chair, which will strike you straight away is that it is white. This makes it the perfect feature for a neutral nursery, opposed to having a lime green rocking chair sat in the corner.
  • The frame of this chair is made out of stainless steel, making it an extra sturdy option that is unlikely to break.
  • Seen as this tufted rocking chair is made out of leather, it is unlikely to stain. Especially within a nursery this is an important feature, baby food can be impossible to get out of certain fabrics.
  • This can be the perfect chair for breastfeeding a new born baby, because of the angles of the chair, and the way that the chair rocks.
  • This chair is certainly among the better ones you can have shipped directly to you, as assembling this chair is easy. It comes with clear, straight forward instructions that are both easy to read and easy to follow. You won’t be sat around struggling to work out which part goes where with this chair, like you might have done in the past with others.


  • If this chair is placed on a rough carpet you will find it hard to make the chair rock the way that it should, this can be fixed by keeping it on a flat surface.

Modern Design Rocking Chair

Modern Design Rocking Chair


  • Looks amazing


  • Not ideal for a rough surface

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